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Testimonies of encouragement and healing of many maladies with the FOCC protocol

There are many more testimonials available on the FOCC site (yahoo groups info/support message board) with volumes of files and links with thousands of archived  testimonials



On Dec. 4, 2009, in our forum, Mary wrote:

Greetings everyone,

This is my first post to the group and I am happy to share some good news

you all. My stepdad was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic and Liver

Cancer on
August 15th. As soon as it was suspected that he may be diagnosed with

we started him on the Budwig Protocol. At that time, his tumor markers

were at
1500 and he was given a couple of weeks to live.

He initially decided to go with a highly aggressive chemotherapy

treatment and
after the first treatment, the side effects were so severe that he did

not go
back. Instead, he went to another doctor who put him on a low dose of

Gemzar to
"buy him a few more weeks". The mainstay of his plan has been "a light

dose" of
Gemzar and the BP. We've played a little with alkaline foods, and almond

but found a lot of conflicting information. So the main focus for him has

the Gemzar and the BP.

Since September he's been folloiwng this plan. He has an excellent

has been gaining weight, the pain has subsided, and he is now back to his

daily activities. Yesterday he received the results of his tumor markers

they fell to 200. The doctor said "the cancer is dying." (yay!)

As a side note, a friend of the family also asked for the BP because her
daughter-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer the same week as my step

Five weeks after being on the BP, she was told they couldn't find the


Stay hopeful, the BP does work!!

From: "Bill and Nancy Parsons"
Date: Thu Oct 2, 2003 10:31 pm
Subject: Re: [FlaxSeedOil2] mom dx with nsclc 8/03

PART I - Breast Cancer

(for Pancreatic Cancer see PART II below)

Hello Elena,
I feel real good about my case and will very soon have tests
done that should give a definitive answer to how I am doing. I was

on Oct. 8, 2002 with a large breast cancer -

"lobular infiltrating carcinoma".

I began that same day on FO/CC. My cancer was very painful at first -
in fact that is when I discovered it, was when the pain awakened me at

5:00 a.m.
I started that same day eating FO/CC (FlaxOil/ low fat cottage cheese).

By the middle of November my pain was all gone and I have remained

The turmor has shrunk dramatically, and my doctor was even amazed.
On October 14, I will have a C.A.T. scan. I have already had a P.E.T.

The results of both of these scans will tell me the whole story.
With the P.E.T. scan, they injected into my veins sugar and

The sugar goes to all spots in my body where there is any cancer, and

even show how large it is. And it can be tracked by the radio active

I can still feel a small ridge and I have wondered if that is scar tissue
(since it has been so long since I have feltany pain).
Well, now when I get these results, I will know if it is still cancer or

scar tissue. I will post to this group whatever my results are.

PART II - Pancreatic Cancer---------------------------

I had no doubts about beginning on the FL/CC regimin, as my husband had
a very large, and metestacized pancreatic cancer, in 1994.
He took many things in the alternative field, but NOTHING IN the medical

(unless you want to consider his 3 weeks of IV treatments of Laetrile)
He also took FO/CC 3 times a day.

To his surgeon's astonishment, he was well in 5 months after surgery.
The surgeon had told us that he would die and that he might live
3 to 6 months - 3 being most likely.

He had gotten ill at the end of December, 1993 and was in and out of the

until May 25, he had exploratory surgery and got the grim reports I

reports above.
But after we got home and got him on the juicing, he just began getting

I was making fresh vegetable juice and giving him 12 ounces about every 2

And we followed the diet scruprously - no meat, absolutely no pork, no

no processed foods of any kind, etc. etc. and he just kept getting


Finally in November 1994, I wrote to the surgeon and ask him if he would

a CT scan for when we had an appointment on December 5, 1994.
He did that and when he came to give us the report, he was just shaking

his head.
He said "I don't know what to tell you folks, but there is no cancer in

I even had the radiologist come back and study that with me and we can

see nothing
abnormal in there of any kind."

So with that kind of encouragement, I felt confident to do basically the

same thing.
Except that in the meantime, I have learned a lot more about FC/CC and so

I am going
mostly all the way with that.

I guess you could say I have put all my eggs in that one basket.
I know this is a long message and I am sorry. I hope it helps your

My husband was 54 the year he got sick. He is still well and still with

me today.
Hope this helps, Nan


I will describe here some experiences we are aware of with Pancreatic

1] A man who eliminated Pancreatic cancer with FOCC, then stopped

consuming it.

A couple of years after I was first diagnosed a fellow teacher had
a friend who's father had Pancreatic Cancer. He had been in the UT

twice in ten days not expected to live through the night. He did rally

got home.
The son brought his father out one evening in early April and we talked a
little bit and he got some oil and got started, I believe with four
tablespoons a day [blended with cottage cheese]
I heard he was doing well and in late August I heard he had just had a
checkup and there was no evidence of cancer. The doctors felt they had

a mistake. He couldn't have had cancer. The following February another
checkup and everything was clear.
I did not hear anything more for over a year. Then I heard he was back

the hospital and the doctors were giving him a drug that they thought

add a year to his life.
A short while later I heard that he had died. The person who told me

told me that he had quit taking the oil. One cannot do that. This is a
lifetime proposition. The oil works in some way to enable the body to
defeat the cancer and if it is stopped the conditions that allowed the
cancer to develop in the first place will develop again. This is not
something like taking an antibiotic for a sore throat and when the throat

well stop the antibiotic.
Apparently he felt the oil really hadn't cured the cancer so he did not

back to it again.


A number of years ago a lady stopped at a Greenhouse in Georgia operated

our niece and nephew. She had a brother , 41, a truck driver, who had
developed Pancreatic Cancer and could no longer work.
My niece gave her a tape and she and her mother drove to her brother's

night. He began using the flaxseed oil immediately, I think at four
tablespoons a day[with CC]and in three weeks the count had dropped from

560 to
280. Three and a half weeks later it was 165. Normal is 100.
He had a standing appointment with his family doctor and was a week and

late. When he walked in the doctor was quite surprised and said, "When

didn't show up I assumed you had died. The doctor told him it was the

time he had ever heard of a count going down with Pancreatic Cancer.

3] Severe case of Pancreatic Cancer transformed to picture of health.
A number of years ago I learned of a man in Knoxville who had Pancreatic
cancer. His sister in law was telling me about him. She told me that it
had gone far enough that he was losing ground and his skin was the color

a pumpkin. She said that he had listened to a tape and began using

oil and today was the picture of health.
Then she told me that her husband, this man's brother, had just had the

experience. I don't know any more details on those two situations.

While this may be early, and is not yet the full story it is exciting

that I am going to include it.

4] Terminal Pancreatic Cancer, Bill went from being bedridden to a normal


Last October I became acquainted with a member of another ship at a Navy
reunion in Indianapolis and we talked about the use of Flaxseed Oil in

case of cancer.

In mid May he called me and told me that he had suddenly found he had

advanced Pancreatic cancer that had spread to the liver and lymph glands

the lower part of the body through the stomach wall.

The doctor said he had probably 3 to 5 months maximum. While this cancer
does not usually respond to chemo, there was a new one, Gemzar, that

give him an extra 2 to 6 months. It would be his only chance to prolong

life, according to the doctor.

The started Gemzar, but at the same time Bill began using 4 tablespoons

Flax oil and cottage cheese per day. His tumor count was 2129 on May 18.
June 6 the count was 2780. He told me that 35 or below is normal. He

unable to get out of bed by this time.

A week and a half ago he called me and told me that he had had blood

for a tumor count on June 27 and he had just found out that the count had
dropped to 1287, less than half of the high point. By this time he was

of bed, gone shopping with his wife, mowed the lawn, gone to a tractor

and gone fishing. He said that his activities were getting back to


He is getting blood counts every three weeks and this evening he called

said that he had another blood sample taken July 18 and he called the

and found the count is now down to 953. He feels great, has a great

and is back to normal activity. He is excited and happy, and I am

for him.

I received a letter Aug 15 that gave his most recent count at 810.
I received a letter Aug. 24 that gave his most recent count at 504.2

There is no doubt that in the mind of himself and his family that the
flaxseed oil is the main cause of the improvement but the Gemzar may also

helping. The doctor told him originally that the Gemzar might be able to
give him an extra 2 to 6 months.

He told me that in the last visit to the doctor a stomach and pelvic exam
showed that the stomach which had been rigid was now pliable and normal
feeling and the doctor thought that was great.

I will add that a few years ago a doctor told me that he had never heard

a count coming down with Pancreatic Cancer. Another doctor told me two

ago that the prognosis with Pancreatic Cancer was usually bad

Diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 1991 at age 69 and given six
months to live, Cliff lived 16 more years to age 85 in 2007.

In 2001 Cliff Beckwith started the FlaxseedOil2 group. Below is a post
he wrote on July 13,2006. The link for the post is

On July, 13, 2006, Cliff wrote:


I have written some things lately concerning my situation and Sandra

asking just what was happening and what I am finally doing.

I will summarize some bits and pieces.

In Feb of 1991 when I was diagnosed on Valentine's day I knew absolutely
nothing. I had a PSA of 75 and on a biopsy every sample malignant.
Gleason scores were not done in the lab at the hospital in Knoxville
where my blood work was done.

All I was told was that most PCa was slow growing and some was very
aggressive. Mine was not the most aggressive but not slow growing. I
was a little numb and wondered if it might be a couple more years. I
was just 69. I thought of people getting thin and abandoned weight
control and began to lay on a little reserve weight.

A prostecomy was arranged and attempted but aborted when cancer was
present in the lymph glands. The doctor didn't seem anxious to try
anything. I learned later he hadn't expected me to be around in six


About that time my wife and I watched the video promo on Lupron. The
doctor hadn't seen it yet. All that mattered was taking shots of
Lupron. It wouldn't cure anything but would buy time; on the average
about 2 and 1/2 years.

At this time I learned of a lady named Dr. Budwig who appeared to be
having real success in Germany with the use of Flaxseed Oil and Cottage
cheese. I knew nothing of the rest of the program.

I found a source and went after it. In six months the PSA was 0.2. I
was thrilled. The doctor hadn't expected any drop like that. I was the
first patient on whom he tried it. Thus I attributed it all to the
FO/CC. I had a lot to learn.

I tend to see something work and go off the deep end without knowing a
lot of the rest of the details. That normally is not all good.
Fortunately, a lot of folks were getting well anyway. In fact, I only
knew of a couple who didn't.

I quit the Lupron in October 1995 after 4 years and seven months with
the doctor telling me that in his professional opinion he thought I was
a fool but that if he were in my place he would probably be doing the
same thing.

Looking back at the record I now believe I had been in the process of

refractory for at least 14 months but didn't think those low, rising
numbers were significant.

With all the dead ends I was holding my own on the average with nothing

the FO/CC. It is possible that the PCa was getting more aggressive.
That often happens but the doctor did not feel that the risks of another
biopsy to find out would be worth knowing one way or the other.

The androgen dependent strains of PCa present again appeared to gain the
dominance. A shot of Lupron here and there seemed to help get things
straight again once in a while. I think I used 3. Only one was for
more than the monthly shot.

For those who do not know, there are 30 documented strains of PCa that
are all different and there may be more. This makes things extremely

I was doing OK and around the 82d birthday my PSA was 6.7 which was
virtually normal for a man 82. I thought it would be nice to get closer
to 0.0 so; knowing that ellagic acid was effeactive against PCa I found
a source of good stuff and hit it hard. Oddly, the PSA rose. Then a man
in whom I have a lot of confidence asked me if I had tried lycopene. At
his suggestion I added 3 12 ounce glasses of tomato juice a day. That is
a lot of tomato juice. I was on ten capsules of a high grade of ellagic
acid for 5 months and that plus lycopene for four more months.

That was when I learned [on this list] that Dr. Budwig said in 1956 that
if one is using flaxseed oil do not use heavy amounts of antioxidant
supplements. Two days later I learned that both ellagic acid and
lycopene are powerful antioidants.

The PSA was now 82 and a bone scan showed 2 metastises. That was around
September or October last year. I was aware by this time that the

was enlarging. With at least a medium aggressive cancer this isn't good.

The next two PSAs have been 141 and 185.

The main things I have been doing for several years in the way of diet
are avoiding sugary things and red meat and any cooking oils other than
olive oil and coconut oil....

Of course, when I learned of the danger of overdoing antioxidants I
reverted to just the flasxeed oil [6 tablespoons a day for 215 lbs body
weight]. There is no evidence that either spot on the bones is there
any longer. At least, if something was not working that would have been
much more active by this time.

It will be interesting to see what effect the GLA will have; if any. I
would use more cayenne but I learned that it can be toxic if overdone
and one tablespoon a day is helping the circulation which is what I was
after. I wanted to push more blood into the Prostate area.

This is sketchy but it describes mostly what is happening and why. I am
still excited that this forum, begun in December of 1998, seems to be

helping a lot of people, including me, with the able direction of first

and now Sandra and Ulla.

I feared at one time that it might not have the proper leadership but I
am now satisfied and happy that it is excellent in this respect.

This has been long but forgive me and perhaps it will be helpful.


Here is the link to Cliff's last message to the group, Nov. 2006

* * * * * * * * *
"FOCC on other cancers and degenerative diseases...."

Osteroarthritis and fibro, CFS etc...

This message can be pulled up at our Yahoo site by entering message

number 21136
in the "Msg #" box.


here is an amazing osteoarthritis healing testimonial by Carol Pippin...

am tremendously excited about it since as one of her rare confidantes, I
tried to accompany her in her atrocious suffering "in real time" - as

of you will know, there may be few things more draining than trying to

someone in great pain...

I was feeling utterly confused and helpless when even after apparently
starting to implement a healthy diet and the Budwig protocol (plus
supplements she wanted to take), her serious osteoarthritis continued to
worsen and her doctors - true to style - gave her morphine and

three additional joint replacements... during one of her (then daily)
horrible pain episodes in March, I posted a cry for help to this group...
shortly after I learned (by questioning her in detail) that she was on a
number of drugs... I was shocked and dismayed since I hadn't realized

she was innocent enough to think that drugs had no negative/interfering
effect on her health... After being pointed to much revealing info on
drugs' side effects, she gradually weaned herself off them...

And here is her MIRACLE healing story with Budwig playing a major part!!!


>I was innocently involved in a very serious six car accident in 1993

>I wasn't expected to survive with multiple fractures and much more. Many
>months later and against all odds, I was released from the hospital...
>Over the following years, I developed Ebstein's Barr Disease, Chronic
>Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and symptoms of severe osteoarthritis
>particularly in my left knee and right hip. My doctors apart from

>me on an increasing number of drugs (including Celebrex, Prozac,

>hormones, Achiphex, muscle relaxors, water pills, Clarinex, Fioricet and
>nasal sprays......) convinced me that only a complete replacement of

>two joints would help me, and since as so many I implicitly trusted

>"wisdom" and expertise, I consented to having these two major

>My diet in these years consisted of meat, potatoes, veggies, some soda,
>water, coffee and sweets (what my Mom had always cooked!)
>In spite of the promises made to me, the operations didn't spell the end
>of my serious troubles, in fact, my operated knee has continued to give

>trouble to this day. The arthritic process continued unabated in my
>joints, leading to most excruciating pain periods up to and in the first
>months of 2004. My doctors, true to style, recommended three more joint
>replacements in my back, other knee and neck, which needless to say,
>really scared me as of my previous experiences.... I had learned about

>started to implement healthy nutrition, natural nutritional
>supplementation and the Budwig protocol at about the same time through

>friend Ulla, but things - as would normally be expected - didn't
>dramatically improve at all but seemed to stay as bad or even get worse
>for me healthwise, and I even started to take the morphine my doctor had
>provided me with, as the pain became truly unbearable (morphine can
>absolutely kill people, see for instance
> As mentioned I was taking a
>sizeable amount of supplements such as multi-vitamins, vitamins C, E, B,
>calcium, magnesium , etc. at the same time... I then learned through

>that drugs may be a major culprit in inhibiting successful application

>the Budwig protocol (which as you are aware is a healthy fresh

>organic diet centered around the flaxoil/cottage cheese mixture plus
>sunshine, stress management etc.) by interfering with various

>metabolic and cellular processes and gradually weaned myself from all of
>them (I had suffered a number of noticeable side-effects from them too,
>such as water retention, brain fog, fatigue and depression). Dr. Budwig
>herself of course strictly prohibits the use of drugs and only allows

>recommends natural yeast flakes as a supplement.


>(while in the beginning of the year, the pain issue had taken over my
>daily life completely), CAN MOVE NORMALLY, and AM FULL OF ENERGY. And

>in spite of the fact that in June of this year, I went through the most
>stressful period of my life when I was arbitrarily evicted from my

>space of eight years and my husband received two paycuts reducing our
>income to survival level...
>My diet now consists of some of the following: I eat all whole and

>foods, and no sugar. It is mostly vegetarian so I eat many veggies
>including leek, chives, onions, garlic, cabbage, asparagus, red peppers,
>brussels sprouts, etc. I have organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil with
>cottage cheese or yogurt religiously, and also have a lot of fruits, in
>fact I bought a blender and food processor and now mix different fruits
>together and make some delicious drinks! You can also mix veggies. When

>first started, I also did the Lemon/Maple syrup cleanse (see
>and l feel that also helped a lot... I have had great success in

>my health, but these are just some of the things I have done, as I had

>other choice if I was to have excellent health as I had pictured.
>I might also add that I started taking the soap and neutralizer from
>Miracle Products, which also helped tremendously so far. I also used to
>take joint pain cream which helped a lot as well.
>Other modalities I have been using are:
>I knew that my life was filled with stress, coming from almost every
>direction, so I had to get a handle on that.. I put a lot of energy into
>meditating daily, and more than once.. I played relaxing music, read

>on self-help and more. I have now a completely different outlook on my
>life and have managed with the help of a few fantastic friends, family

>our Creator, to be more positive and to watch my words, as they have

>power. I have learned for instance not to refer to "my osteoarthritis"

>I used to (thereby telling my subconscious to continue helping to create
>it) but to use affirmations such as "I am getting healthier every day",
>"my body heals itself", "I am now healing/healthy" etc. My spiritual
>belief system has also played a tremendous part in my healing, and

>you call God, or Creator, or Source, has touched me beyond belief and I

>ever so grateful.
>Another thing I realized was that after my accident and following
>surgeries, I had no way of exercising, especially since I could hardly
>walk... I have a neighborhood pool where I live that is 60 ft. long, so

>started going over there every day, and at first I just walked across

>pool in the water and discovered that there's no gravity and that it was
>for most part, pain free! I then started doing other exercises that
>involved moving both legs, then added the arms. When I felt comfortable

>the water, I started swimming for the first time in years! I did one lap
>and I can remember that day, as I felt so proud... The next day I did 2
>laps.. I kept it up, even when it got painful, as I hadn't used some of
>those muscles for years, but was determined to get my health back..

>now, I do over 1/2 mile everyday (34 laps), so I am not only getting
>fantastic exercise, which is one of the most important things for your
>body, but also, I am getting natural vitamin D from the sun.
>I have also incorporated some natural herbs, including ginger, turmeric,
>echinacea, golden seal, ginseng, cayenne, pau d'arco, St. John's Wort,
>acidophilus, garlic, seaweed, and I drink tons of water..
>I'm still taking lots of natural vitamin supplements, since as I got to
>feeling so much better, I was afraid to stop any of them, as I didn't

>which ones or maybe all, were helping... (though they clearly hadn't
>helped much originally when the health of my joints was further
>deteriorating leading to the worst continual pain episodes in my life as
>above described) plus have just ordered some Very Berry from Naturally
>Women. Some of these have replaced the poisons my doctors were feeding

>My friend Mary is taking wheatgrass with water, and suggested I do the
>same for the sometimes swelling ankles.
>I know I've probably forgotten some things, but this is most of what I'm
>doing and eating, and my life has improved on every level.. The exercise
>releases endorphins and my depression has almost gone.. From the

>I have now lost 3 sizes and I know this will increase. Probably for me,
>it's all of these things working together that are really helping. I

>feel if I did just one part, that my life would have taken the upwards
>turn it did, so I try real hard and include it all, but have to admit,
>that sometimes I may "cheat" just a little, but it's OK now, as I know

>health has finally returned... it's just amazing what's going on in my
>body, and I am ever so thankful for all the help and support I received.

>wish everyone would go on that Budwig diet as I can see the differences
>and it's truly amazing.. I work at it everyday, but never want to go

>to the way I was.. This is so nice to be able to do so many things and
>feel much healthier! It is truly a great gift to have your health..

>was a time when I had thought this was no longer possible, but with
>knowledge and determination, I have come a long ways! I want to help
>anyone I can with this, and I share it on a personal level, and would be
>happy to see it shared on a larger level, of all those that may want to
>hear it.
>I hope that this message touches you, as it is my story, and one that

>been quite an interesting and exciting one for me. Please refer always

>the comprehensive health recovery and maintenance site
> for more information and advice, I have
>learned tremendously from it. The learning I have received has involved
>much more than one area of my life, which in the beginning, I thought

>diet was what it was all about, but the more I read, the more I learned
>that we have to have a Balanced life, and you will find this, and so

>more positive and informative information at this site.
>If I can do this, after never learning to cook or anything, then you can
>do it also! Wishing you so much good luck!
>Carol Pippin

It seems clear that the major help came from the Budwig Diet as this

from the above text suggests:

"...I was afraid to stop any of them (vitamin supplements), as I didn't

which ones or maybe all, were helping... (though they clearly hadn't

much originally...)"

This is a partial text from a follow-up message by Ulla (Msg # 21152).

I hope you will be able to use her testimonial for the Budwig testimonial
Files at some point in the future when she will be relying mostly on

to keep her health... when she had these horrible pain episodes, any help
at all was grasped at, and after being convinced that "helpful" morphine
might possibly kill her, she started using joint cream and Master's

products... In a way I wished I hadn't pointed any of it out to her to

it a more "Budwig only" testimonial but at that point in time, getting

horrible pain under control was THE primordial and only immediate
objective... the pain she was in simply seemed to leave no other choice,
and any promising "outer" application seemed absolutely to be in order...
(btw I have only known details about her health issues from the beginning
of this year, otherwise i would have pointed her to better ways of

with her health long before)

August 2006


In 1976 I injured my right knee playing tennis. As a result I had to
wear an elastic knee brace. I was told I needed surgery but decided
not to because as long as I wore a knee brace I had no pain. I wore
this brace for years until I started the Budwing protocol. I cannot
explain it be but within a month of daily consumption of FO/CC I
realized that I had no discomfort or pain upon waking up in the
morning. I haven't worn a knee brace since. The Budwig protocol is
the only thing that I changed in my diet during this time that could
have caused this. I also had a slight arthritis in my left thumb at
the time and it has gone. In 1984 I herniated a disk in my lower back
and was scheduled for back surgery. I mended it back after months of
therapy and never had surgery. However, I had occasional lower back
pain and discomfort for years. Since the Budwig program it has also
gone away.

Bottom line is...I cannot explain it but something has happened. The
most mind boggling is my knee. I could not walk without a limp prior
to Budwig. Now I have no pain, no discomfort and no knee brace.

The Budwig protocol heals inflamed tissue in your body. All
sickness...i.e. tumors, cancers, arthritis etc. etc all inflamed
tissue. That explains my knee, my back and thumb.

Since my amazing results I have several friends who have also been on
the Budwig and have experience similar healings of various degrees.
There are many other such stories if you research Budwig on Google. I
will take FO/CC for the rest of my life. I am convinced with what it
did for me and will continue to take it for what I hope it will
prevent....tumors and cancer. What do I have to loose but everything
to gain. FC/CC is not expensive and actually quite tastie. My recipe
is FO, CC, cranberry juice and blueberries. I do this religiously
everyday and have been for three years. I actually look forward to
taking it not knowing now exactly what it is preventing or
healing....but know that it is doing something!


Prostate Cancer

Testimonial #1 for 2006

From: upnorth_downsouth
Date: Sat. May 20, 2006

Billy's PSA was 27.6 when he was diagnosed with cancer in October. He
went on a strict veggie diet and the Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese.
He was tested again and the PSA is down to 0.5. This is truly a
miracle. The urologist wants him to take another Eligard shot which he
did take 6 months ago so the cathetar could be removed. He does not
want to do another chemo/eligard shot but is continuing on the FO/CC
along with a careful eating plan. He has not had any pain or side
effects. God has led him to do the FO/CC. Of course, the doctor is
concerned. The cancer was a Stage 4 aggressive type. We'll keep praying
and believing that the cancer will not win.

Testimonial #2 for 2006

From Ritvars Oct 22, 2006

Hello all,

I would like to report a success milestone. My test results are
back and they are both NORMAL. I am/was dealing with prostate
cancer. My psa is now 3.6 with 17% free, and the AMAS test stands
at 33 (normal is anything below 99)

A brief history of how I got to this point:

- This spring I experienced a sudden increase in urinary problems
and went for a checkup. In February of this year my psa was 7.4.
My urologist made some basic mistakes, but I will shorten a long
story. I started doing some of the things recommended by Larry
Clapp, and went to a different doctor. In April I was retested, my
psa was 6.0 with 17% free, which indicates a 28% risk of cancer.

- I decided to have a biopsy. End of April this showed some cancer
in one of 12 probes, with a Gleason score of 6.0. My urologist
recommended radioactive seeds, but also said that I had plenty of
time to decide or experiment, since this was a slow growing cancer.

- I spent about a month researching various alternatives, and
settled on the Budwig protocol about end of May.

- End of June (one month into Budwig) I took a set of base tests to
monitor my future progress. My psa was already down to 4.9, with
the percent free psa at 17%, which indicates a lower cancer risk
(only 20%). At this time I also took the AMAS test, which came in
at 141, meaning elevated cancer risk - no surprise there.

- End of September (four months into Budwig) I took these tests
again, but it took until now to get the AMAS results, since it was
done incorrectly first time. My psa is down to 3.6 (normal) with
the % free still at 17%. My AMAS result has dropped to 33, which is
well into the NORMAL zone. I would have liked the % free psa to be
higher, but the 17% means 20% chance of cancer and 80% chance of no
cancer. With the AMAS being so low, I will assume that I am in the
80% category.

Thank you Dr. Budwig, and in particular thanks to the
current "angels" Sandra, Ulla and Wilhelm.


Excerpts from a post by Cheryl du Toit regarding her group of patients.

...depending on the individual, grading of the disease, and type of
disease, the amount of fo/cc that can be tolerated is very individual. As a
general rule, with the exception of liver, galbladder and pancreatic
involvement, almost all the cancer patients I am in contact with use 6x12
tablespoon fo/cc ratio per day as well as 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds.
People with severe arthritis, diabetics, dementia or Alzheimer's patients and
diseases affecting only woman (e.g endometriosis, fibrocystic breast tissue
etc.) use half the amount (3x6 tablespoon ratio), young people with skin
problems only a 2x4 ratio and aids patients use a 1x2 ratio.

To answer your question whether people regained their health on these ratios
I will have to mention that we have a liver cancer patient in remission
for almost 2 years now, pancreatic cancer - 2years, my own dad -
non-hodgkins lymphoma 2 1/2 years, my sister - breast cancer, 2 years
9 months, all the arthritis patients - unbelievable improvements.
Aids patients, wonderful improvements but we have lost 7 out of 25. Of
the 42 cancer patients, we have lost 5 in the three years that I have
been involved with the cancer support group. Interesting observation
with the people we have lost with the exception of 1 (ozone therapy),
was that all of them were using chemical medications or chemo or radiation.

Some people use much more than this and others less depending on
their digestive ability. Severe ill people really have a battle to
even take a 2x4 ratio per day, and almost all the people taking a
6x12 ratio complain that they feel overfed and ready to burst any
minute - most of them say they cannot eat any other foods because
they feel so full and it is sometimes a real battle to get them to
keep up with the 6x12 fo/cc ratio per day.

People with liver, galbladder and pancreatic involvement take much longer to
build up to the full amount and generally start off with only a 1x2 teaspoon
ratio per day. If they tolerate it well, it is increased gradually. In
one liver cancer case, it took us 6 weeks to reach the 6x12 tablespoon ratio.

I hope Trase is reading this! Trase, very important when treating liver
cancer is to include digestive enzymes with each and every meal. If you
can get papaya and pineapple freely, please include it with every meal
and remember the very important sauerkraut juice every day. If pineapple
or papaya is not freely available, digestive enzymes in pill form is
better than no digestive enzymes.

David Toppin mentioned in an earlier post that a liver flush might be something
to look at. I agree with him, but only if the liver involvement is not severe.
Alternatively, stick to a very liquid diet with freshly juiced veggy/fruit
juices and lightly steamed veggies for starters. We have found that castor oil
packs for liver pain and detoxing might be a better alternative than a liver
flush in severe cases.

Trase, you didn't mention if your father-in-law is already using the fo/cc
or if he is tolerating it well. Severe pain in the upper right abdomen,
nausea or oily stools might be an indication that he is not tolerating
the oil well. Extra digestive enzymes, lots of water to flush the
system, castor oil packs or a lower ratio of fo/cc might then be something
to look at.

Hope this might answer some of your questions and concerns.

Kind wishes

From: "Cliff Beckwith"
Date: Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:37 pm
Subject: Kevin part 1

For tonight's contribution from my files, I will put on 3 consecutive
messages from Kevin.


Hello Cliff,-
On Dec. 7th., of 2000, I was diagnosed with "Testicular Cancer", just to
it had spread up my "Aorta" into my lungs and Lymphglands.
The doctors informed me that without the standard treatment of "Chemo", I
would only have 4 months to live. The Cancer was spreading quite fast.
Ironically,...I began to search the web for a possible solutions to keep
loosing my hair while taking Chemo.
In my search, I came upon your website, and began to read the information on
"Flax Seed oil".
I decided to give it a try, partially because I had already lost 3
and 3 friends to Cancer that had taken Chemo, and still died.
I had severe pain within my abdominal area, and within 1 week of taking the
"Flax Seed Oil", and cottage cheese, my pain was totally gone.
Within 2 weeks, my skin color had returned to it's normal state, and I
rapidly began getting my strength, and appetite back.
I canceled 3 doctor appointments within 3 months, and refused any Chemo, or
Radiation treatment.
I consumed 4 tablespoons of Flax seed oil, and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
twice daily, for a total of (8) per day.
I did this for 2 months, then cut back to only 4 tablespoons per day, on the
3rd. month.
I finally went in to see the doctor on the 3rd. month.
The doctor immediately was shocked to see that I was looking very healthy
with NO wheelchair, or crutches!
Even at that,...he began to try to pursuade me to immediately start Chemo
treatment.~(I refused!)
I insisted that he give me a blood marker!
The beginning, and ending, results were this;
On Dec. 7th of 2000, My "Alpha-Feto Protein" Tumor marker was,...(1,182.0)
On March the 1st. of 2001, (3 months later), My
"Alpha-Feto Protein" Tumor marker was,...(2.3)!!! (Which is normal)
The doctors were SHOCKED!
I am PRAISING GOD for my recovery!
NO death from Cancer on my agenda this month! (As was projected by the
Medical field!)
Thanks Cliff!!!!!!, & God Bless you my blessed friend!

W/Love in Christ,-
Kevin Humphrey
Longview, Texas

From: "Cliff Beckwith"
Date: Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:40 pm
Subject: Kevin 2

Hi Cliff,-
I just wanted to let you know that my blood count results came in yesterday
and my count is now normal! Praise God,- I am now Cancer free through God
Flax Oil!
My doctor was amazed because without standard treatment, I was given only 4
months to live,-which would have been up at the end of this month.
I was diagnosed on November the 27th of last year, and refused any treatment
of Chemo, or radiation.
The doctor is mailing me my actual blood count figures soon. When I get them
I will send you a
complete e-mail of my testimony, should you decide to add it to your
testimonial archives.
Cliff,...I am praising God for my total recovery,- but I also want to thank
you so very, very, much for putting the information on the internet about
"Flax seed Oil"! It saved my life!
I Love you, my friend and Brother in Christ!

God bless you,-

From: "Cliff Beckwith"
Date: Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:44 pm
Subject: Kevin 3

"Testicular Cancer"

Hi Cliff,-
Everything is going just GREAT!
The Cancer is "still" in remission, and I feel absolutely wonderful!
I'm working on the next CD to be released very soon, and God has blessed me
with a "wonderful" Christian lady, which I will be married to in the not so
distant future.
There have been many people who I have given your testimonial tapes to who
have already recovered from their Cancer.
One man in particular, who works with a friend of mine, listened to the
and started on the FF/CC, and is doing great!
Two months ago, his PSA count was (54.2), and it was "very" painful for him
to digest food.
Within 2 weeks of consuming the FF/CC, his pain was gone, and last week, his
PSA count was at: (3.1).
If you have time send me your recent discoveries about the immune system. I
would appreciate it.
I don't know if you remember my friend, "Dee Palmer" who contacted you
ago, - but she went to be with the Lord on Thursday night, of April the
The Flax Oil extended her life, and she was "no doubt" recovering, - but the
doctor had left her "bladder stint" in way too long, and she died from the
infection of it.
So,....the cancer was not the "killer" in this case.
What was so sad, was that the doctor refused to remove/or replace the stint
because she had no insurance, or money.
Basically he wrote her off to being already dead, because he refused to
that the Flax seed Oil was working.
This was the same doctor who tried to take authority over me, and force me
take Chemo.
I basically told him where to get off!
Even when he viewed my tumor marker results as being normal again, he
refused to admit that the FF/CC worked.
Believe it or not,....this guy was "still" insisting that I take chemo, even
when my blood count went from; (1,181.2) to (2.3)!
I told him he was "completely" NUTS!
Thanks again Cliff, for putting the FF/CC information out there!
Are you doing Ok?
Your last e-mail indicated that your PSA count was "fluctuating" to quite
Keep in touch!

W/Love in Christ,-
Kevin Humphrey


Stomach Cancer

This is also shown under "Colon Cancer" and "Liver Cancer"

What follows is a case of liver, colon and stomach cancer from the book "Der Tod
des Tumors - Band II" (The Death of the Tumor - Vol. II) by Dr.Budwig.

The text is shortened and parts of it are paraphrased.

Page 111 -
This is a case of colon cancer, tumors on the liver and stomach as well
as a myoma in the abdominal cavity. The colon cancer had already been
present three years earlier.
Dr.Budwig writes:
"She came to the clinic in Göttingen. This Swiss patient was examined by
several professors and and was scheduled to be operated on Christmas
Eve. It was feared that the tumor would cause a complete colon blockage.
Upon my advice - I was active at the clinic at that time - did the
patient only take my Oil-Protein Diet. The atony of the colon quickly
subsided. Seven weeks later she was released without any detectable tumor.
Interesting is perhaps that the Swiss customs official did not want to
belief this was her passport! So much had her looks changed to her
At home she was greeted thusly: "You look good, you look younger and
more beautiful."
The patient writes further: "It is simply wonderful! And the instrument
of saving my life is Dr.Johanna Budwig."


Posted June 6, 2008 by Nick Busigin

Re: flaxseed oil and

"Skin Cancer"

I'll add another "data point" to this discussion - regarding the
elimination of a skin tumor using flax oil rubs and nutrition.

My wife had a freckle-like blemish appear on her cheek a number of years
ago. It was larger than a freckle, with a slightly different color and
well defined margins. The shape was somewhat oval and it wasn't raised
at all relative to the skin around it. Last year, around March, this
blemish started changing quite rapidly - in color, size and shape. It's
margins became less defined and it began to grow both vertically and
horizontally. We went to a skin specialist and after examining it, he
said it had to come off. He didn't even want to take a biopsy ahead of
the surgery as he said that if it was cancer, that may cause it to
spread. He scheduled the surgery for approximately 2 weeks from our
initial visit (which we thought was a rather long time, given how fast
the tumor was growing and changing in appearance). To make a long story
short, I had my wife go on a strict Budwig-like diet and had her rub
flax oil with DHA on the tumor 3 times a day. To our initial dismay,
the tumor started growing faster, but within a few days it stopped
growing and started to turn really dark and hard and started to shrink.
The morning of the day before the surgery was scheduled, the tumor
(which was now scab-like) fell off as my wife was rubbing the flax oil
+ DHA on it. The skin where the tumor used to be was clear and healthy
looking. This is not what we expected to happen at all - we were hoping
to strengthen my wife's immune system ahead of the surgery, so that if
any stray cells got away into her blood or lymph systems, they would be
clobbered by the immune system. The skin specialist examined the area
where the tumor used to be and was quite surprised. When we told him
what we had done and that we thought that the nutritional protocol and
the flax-oil + DHA rub was responsible for the cure, he agreed. We have
both been eating in this way ever since... with some nice fringe
benefits: both my wife and I shed the excess weight that we accumulated
over the years and we now both weigh what we did when we were 25 years
old. A second fringe benefit is that our skin is softer, smoother and
younger looking - so much so that one of our doctor friends remarked
that "who needs botox when can get results like this by just eating

We will forever be indebted to Dr. Budwig, Udo Erasmus and the many
researchers whose papers I have read.

I discovered this group after my wife's cure and have found that our
experience was not unique, as many of you have also had similarly
remarkable experiences.

Kind regards,

Nick B.


"Breast Cancer"

Hello Dn,

The answer is a most emphatic "YES". I had so much pain in my left arm
from breast cancer with mets to the bone that I couldn't lift it away
from my body even an inch to wash. I was at the point of despair, and
would want to cry in the morning (sometimes I did),after waking
intermittenly throughout the night in pain. I was taking some herbal
pain reliever, but was up to 9 per day, the recommended dosage was 2.

I began the BP (Budwig Protocol) in February, it took me until the end
of March to get the whole protocol down, for the month of February I
was able to take the FOCC (flax oil/cottage cheese)twice per day,I did
vegetable juicing and ate no meat,sugar or wheat. Within 1 1/2 to 2
weeks I no longer needed any pain meds and I haven't taken any since.
It truly was wonderful and continues to be a blessing each and every

Kind Regards,


Sept. 16, 2009, Sandy Keller wrote:

I was diagnosed last July 2008 with neuroendorine carcinoma, the carcinoid tumor
found in my colon with mets to my liver (about 75% - 80% of liver involvement).
I never even knew I was sick until I was diagnosed, just a small pain in my
liver area. Was running up until 1 week before diagnosis.

Anyway, I was scared into chemo the very next week. 18 rounds of it (3X per
week every 3 weeks). Following my first round of chemo, a friend recommended
Essiac tea which I started immediately. I also went to see a naturapath who put
me on IP6 and Citrus Pectin, and also no sugar diet and organic vegetables. I
never even knew about the Budwig plan until January of this year.

My Pet scan in December was negative but still showed some lesions on my liver
and the Oncologist said it will come back very soon and she wanted me to
continue with Chemo pills. I refused and went full Budwig plan with some
supplements. I kept up with the IP6 and the Citus Pectin which has shown to
stop metastisis. I also still take Fish oil, CQ10 and Beta Glucans.

I am very near 100% compliant with the budwig diet, just don't take Sauerkraut

I have never felt better, I juice every morning - carrot, celery & apple,
sometimes beet juice. I drink wheat grass juice at night. I have a salad at noon
with the second helping of FOCC. My last 2 Pet scans have been negative with the
Oncologist being "shocked". She said there was still some lesions on my liver
but it could very well be scar tissue. I told her the last time that I wasn't
getting another Pet scan until at least 6 months - and maybe more. She was ok
with that. I am back to running 3 miles a day and enjoying lots of sunshine
(when it's out :) and meditating almost nightly.

Please don't give up and listen to the Oncologists. Mine were soooo negative
when I first was diagnosed. I refused to believe them - actually my family would
not allow me to believe them! Small Cell Neuroendocrine Cancer, so they say, is
a poor poor prognosis - so I was told! I don't listen to "them". I tell myself
every morning that "I'm cancer free, I'm happy, I'm a child of God, etc..." Your
body will listen to you.

Please email me if you would like to know anything else - and most importantly -
don't give up, never never never! Your body can and will heal itself!

April 30, 2009, Sandy wrote:

Neuroendrocrine Cancer on my liver with a sarcoma
tumor in my colon.

Hi Everyone
I have never written before,but I have been reading everyone's posts since
Last August I was DX with Neuroendrocrine Cancer on my liver with a sarcoma
tumor in my colon. It comprised about 80% of my liver. I never had a symptom
until 2 weeks before I was dx with a small pain under my rib cage! The doctor
first thought it was my gallbladder. I was always a runner and ate fairly well,
so I never thought it could be cancer. The oncologist within a week put me on
chemo - cisplatin and another one. I went through 18 treatments through
December. Shortly after starting chemo I started drinking Essiac tea through the
advice of a friend. I drank it 4-5 times per day. Also went to see a ND and was
put on supplements including IP6, CQ10, citrus pectin, & immucare. Handled chemo
very well. Only missed the days of work when I had treatment. First pet scan in
Jan. was negative, with just a few spots on the liver which could be scar
tissue. My onc. wanted to start me on chemo pills "just in case".

I said no and I started the budwig diet Feb. 1, along with IP6, Essiac tea,
CQ10, beta glucans and citrus pectin. Also juicing carrots and wheatgrass
nightly. Getting as much sun as possible and meditating. I went for my second
pet scan Tuesday and got the results today. My Onc. is amazed! No sign of
cancer! There are still a couple spots on the liver but she said prob. scar
tissue. She actualy asked me what I was doing! She wrote down everything I told
her including the Budwig Diet and my supplements so she could tell other
I am so excited to share this news with everyone! I know I'm not out of the
woods yet and I have to keep up all I am doing, but I really enjoy the FOCC and
the diet. One Onc. I went to see (not the one I have now) actually told me there
was nothing I could do and I would survive maybe three years!! I cant' wait till
three years is here so I can write her a letter!! Take care everyone and never
never give up hope! Love you all!
Sandy :)


February 27, 2009, Sandy Lightfoot wrote this update:

I was dx with Stage 1V Ovarian Cancer

nearly ten years ago and just
a few months after completing chemo (and being in remission) I started
the Budwig protocol. I don't do the whole nine yards of the protocol but
I've omitted all bad fats , sugar and red meat for the past nine years.
I have the Budwig breakfast every day, it's like having dessert for
breakfast. Although I don't do the juicing - I do eat tons of fruits
and veggies. I live in Canada and so don't get the sunshine one is
supposed to have - but I walk 3 miles every day - in all weathers,
so I'm supposing I'll get some of that Vitamin D when walking.

My last Ca 125 was down to 4.7 - after finishing treatment in
November 1999, it was 15.2. At diagnosis it was 9,800.
From: Sandy Lightfoot
Date: Tue Sep 30, 2003 2:44 pm
Subject: Flax-oil amounts and other stuff


Hi Everyone,

I haven't written in a while (been busy), but thought I'd let you all know
that I recently had a very good check up. As most of you know I was
diagnosed with stage 1V Ovarian Cancer in April 1999. After undergoing
chemo and surgery, I've been in remission, since finishing treatment in
October 1999 .... for 4 years.

I had a CT in June 03 and there was some concern that I had perhaps
reoccurred. Something (a density) had showed up on the CT and a lymph node
was enlarged. An Ultra-sound revealed that a piece of bowel had moved, which
explained the density and my Ca 125 came in at 11.7 (less than 35 is
normal), so everything was wonderful, except for the enlarged lymph node,
which was still a bit worrying. With this in mind, my Dr recommended 3 month
check ups, instead of the 6 month interval that I had been on.

So, even though all the tests were OK, the enlarged lymph node bothered me,
so I decided to increase my flax-oil intake by one tablespoon (to 3) and see
if that made a difference. So, when I went for my check up this time (Sept
18th), it was with bated breath, fingers and toes crossed. The CT report
stated that the lymph node was noticeably reduced and everything else was
AGAIN OK! So, now, I'm back onto 6 month check ups with more faith than
ever in Johanna Budwig's FO/CC/GFS protocol.

At the beginning I was taking just one tablespoon of the FO with 1/4 cup
cottage cheese, as I was watching my weight :-(

I used this quantity for a couple of years and managed to stay very healthy.
When a small bump appeared at the base of my incision scar, (a few months
ago) I was a bit worried, because as anyone who has or had cancer knows ....
Every little lump or bump is in your terrified 'imagination,' evidence that
the cancer is back. So wanting to be pro-active instead of reactive, I
added a tablespoon FO to my mix (2) and took it that way for 5-6 weeks.
Guess what? The bump absolutely disappeared. I was amazed and it proved to
me again that this JB protocol is the best thing since sliced bread!

So, I think that 3 tablespoons of FO with the CC, will be my 'special'
amount for ever. And yes, I do bruise more easily, but that is a small
price to pay to still be alive and well and *HERE* still on this earth! I
still take a 325 mg Asprin every day (Dr's order after having blood clots in
my lungs when diagnosed). I also take Celebrex (for Arthritis) and vitamin
E. So the 'slight' bruising can probably attributed to the other 'thinning'
stuff as well as the flax-oil.

Well, that's all for now.
Take care ...
sandy Lightfoot.

August 16, 2007 Georgeta wrote:
Last week we've been again at Mayo for another 3-month visit for my
husband Cony with Multiple Myeloma. MM, being such a devastating
disease, needs constant monitoring. After reviewing the blood test
results and the 24-hour urine test result, doctor told us: no trace of
cancer. This was the first time we heard these words. You can imagine
the joy and the hope we felt.
A previous message - June 12, 2007

"Multiple MYELOMA"

We received all the results back from Mayo clinic for my husband Cony.
just a fast recap on him:
- diagnosed with MM stage III B (Kidney failure) in spring 2005
- doctor proposed chemo & arsenic treatment if chemo won't work - refused
- went to Mayo, treated by Mayo doctor with steroids (dexamethasone) for 4
months to restore kidney function.
- started taking supplements to boost immune system, eliminated bad foods and
drinks (per Dr.Kelley) got in a diet similar to Budwig, (at that time did not
know about Budwig protocol).
- had stem cell transplant at the University of Chicago in Oct 2005 (because
insurance issue, could not have it at Mayo)
- extremely sick during transplant and after - back in hospital and emergency
room several times - almost dead with infections including septicemia. Took tons
and medications and antibiotics.
- January 2006 while in hospital again at UC, diagnosed with amyloidosis in his
lung, another deadly disease (detected with Congo red on biopsy)
- declared terminal and sent home with advice: put your business in order; 6
month or less to live
- came home extremely sick, unable to eat, sleep, depressed, developed shingles
and more infections including on the blood line (triple lumen used for blood
work and blood transfusions)
- went back to Mayo clinic for second opinion in the mean time, searching day
and night on internet for holistic treatments which could be followed by him in
his condition. Found Budwig books on Internet and later this group. Started
protocol partially, not being able to eat normal portions. Gradually went on
protocol 100%.
- May 2006 - visit to Mayo - reported results to group - very good, no
treatments needed from doctors - no more infections - started to gain back the

Present result: very good partial remission - no need for other treatments -
hemoglobin 14.3 from 12.3 last year in May - doctor impressed with physical
appearance and vivacity. She asked..."you just came from a Florida vacation?"
(because of the tan) answer: "No, we are leaving to Cancun in June".

Although the cancer is still seen in the blood work (minimum),
we know we are on the best path for someone in this situation. His life changed
completely, in fact now.. he has a life. Our neighbors were used to see
ambulances to our door. Now they see Cony with our 2 Bichons bathing in sun,
reading and drinking his juices. What a difference. Although Cony had only 2
days of chemo in his life (that's all for the transplant) that chemo almost
killed him. When we went and talked with the doctor about the transplant, before
it happened, we heard only how successful these transplants are. When we found
out that the thansplant did not put him in remission we heard from the same
mouth of our doctor that lots of people die during the transplant, so to be
greatful. Stories change very fast during treatments.

So, we are happy with the present results and hope to keep this horrible cancer
under control for many years. Ilona, please be encouraged by our story and
follow the protocol entirely. It works even for myeloma. Don't listen to doctors
and don't read statistics. It's a waste of time and they depress you not
encourage you.
Much health to all,

A previous message - May 30, 2006

RE: MM ! --- It has almost disappeared!!
My husband has MM and we've just got wonderful news from Mayo clinic where
he is monitored. His myeloma almost disappeared.
[for full message, use the URL link above]
A previous message - April 2007
Re: Oncologist's prediction of short life span
Please, please...FORGET what the doctor told you.
Doctors should never play Gods, but they do.
We were told last year, in January, that my husband will live 6 months or less
and the advice from the doctor was.. to go home (from hospital) and put our
business in order because it is nothing more to be done in term of treatment. 1
year and 3 months later, meaning right now, my husband is better than he was
before being diagnosed, in April 2005.
I wish our doctor had kept his mouth shut if he couldn't offer any help. He
produced lots of stress, despair and sadness in our family but God is good, and
we discovered alternative treatments, Budwig diet and this group as support. So,
again...forget about your doctor's "prediction" and go on with your life.
God bless!



June 30, 2007

Greetings fellow BP followers:

Three weeks ago when Syd and I started on BP for his St 4 PC w/meds, we wrote
to ask if Flaxseed oil might help with migraines. Several of you wrote back
quickly with a firm "yes" from your experience.
Our 20 year old daughter has had migraines since she was 11 and was on 100
mg of Topomax daily for several years - not only did she not want to be tied to
a Rx for life but it is very expensive - around $300 per month. She began taking
1 Tablespoon of the oil each night - just drank it followed by a glass of milk.
She had to slowly back off the Topomax cutting down 25 mg at a time until she
was off. In the past if she cut down to 75 mg she would get a migraine
immediately. This time - no migraines at 75, 50, or 25. Then a couple of days
ago she quit the drug completely - and Praise the Lord - no migraines.
She did get a regular headache one day - but that was due to stress at work
and the headache left once she got home.
We are so happy to be able to report this amazing success.
Thanks to everyone on this board for all the fantastic information we gain
by reading the posts.

Margaret & Syd in Houston
Stephanie, too!!


This is a general observation by one of our members who cares for many patients.

This message can be pulled up at our Yahoo site by entering message number 21648
in the "Msg #" box.


One other thing I would love to see added to the testimonials files is how absolutely
wonderful this protocol is working for woman with menstrual problems - especially
endometriosis. It is wonderful for menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrhoea (Dysmenorrhea
refers to menstrual pain, severe enough to limit normal activities and require medication.)
Endometriosis is truly very debilitating and painful and the change and relief of menstrual
discomforts within one month of following the Budwig protocol is simply a miracle.
I wish I could tell all the young school girls and woman of childbearing age of this
miracle mix. An added bonus for young girls is that it clears up acne as well.



From Jodee - September 30, 2007

Got the P.E.T. Infusion reports on Annette Friday. The tumors on her
liver, in her chest, stomach, all gone. Dead. Her bone cancer is still
decreasing but also still there. Dr Suarz said again "Not to stop
whatever we are doing", it is working. He said he has never seen a
patient with advanced cancer react like this, from a diet. All of her
blood work is normal. This is the first time in 4 years that this has
happened. I again thank Dr Budwig for everything as well as everyone
on this site. We have to keep our faith up and it can happen. Remember
M.D. Anderson. A cancer hospital in Houston, Texas sent her home in
April to die. To anyone, keep doing the protocol. It works. God Bless
From Jodee - July 13, 2007
Bone Cancer -
3 or 4 months ago I wrote the group and told everyone about my daughter
Annette. She has Hodgkins Lymphoma that has went into 60% of her bones.
ALSO on all kinds of pain meds,etc. She has had 9 different chemos and
radiation, this slowed her cancer down but never went into remission
completely, also she was very sick.could not function on her own and I
can't begin to tell you how much blood and platellets she has recieved
over these 4 years. The doctors here and at MD Anderson( in Houston)
just wanted to keep giving her sifferent chemos in order to prolong her
life. All her marrow has been destroyed and we could not find a stem
cell donor for her. This is why I turned to the internet for help. This
Nov. will be 4 years we have been fighting this horrible cancer. I was
so desperate when I found and joined this group. For a long time I just
read all the post and learned a lot from the faithful folks who know so
much about the diet. I did post and got a few answers. Thank all of
you .I ordered all the books and studied them the best I could. Thank
you Catherine for your help ,also.
The last chemo she had was 5 days before Mothers day this year.In fact
Mothers day was the 5th day following the chemo.That day she had to be
taken to the hospital and was put in MICU in critial condition. She was
in ICU 8 days with a 50/50 chance to pull out.Total she was
there,hospital, 14 days. She weighed 124 lbs.Blood was
horrible,Platellets less than 7000, WBC .3 RBC,1.1 ,as an example.When
I brought her home she was still almost dead.
To make a very much longer story short.I started on her on the FO/CC at
8 tbls cc and 4 fo 3 times a day,as many fresh veggies as she could
tolerate,frest carrot juice at times,no MEAT at all. We use ony coconut
oil,the oleox,the cc mayo,and lots of ACV,Braggs, I was limited to what
she could take because of her throwing up all the time. Anyways within
about 4 days she started getting her strenght back. Also I started her
on mega doses of MSM pain,giving her borax baths,to pull toxins out of
her system and pinches of borax in her water to kill the yeast,fungus,
in her body,which was horrible..and A few other things. All gone NOW.
I am happy to report she is up now. She no longer walks with a cane or
walker.She iso Out working me on some days,Has a life again, driving.
No, the cancer is not gone,but at a stand still, and she still has
tired days and has to rest a lot,but our doctors said to keep up
whatever we are doing. She is taking no pain pills,or any others.This
is a miricle. It is so good after 4 years to have my daughter back. I
know at anytime it all can change but it is so nice to see her having a
life again.We DO NOT follow the protocol to the Tee but I can tell you
it works. I thank all of you ,and Jesus,for everything you have taught
us here and for being here for me, when I didn't have anywhere or
anyone to turn to and give me hope. I get my FO and seeds from
Barleans,half price,TY again for that info,.You know who you are.GOD
BLESS THIS group. I adore all of you.


assorted testimonies on LUNG CANCER


A series of messages has caused me to post this document again as I realize
the people on this list change from time to time.

So far, we have not seen a case of lung cancer not respond to FO/CC.



I am going to set up a document with accounts of lung cancer of which we
have known.


Saturday Aug 19, 2000 I had a call from Casper, WY, that was exciting.

The caller told me that in march, 2000 he was diagnosed with a serious
cancer in his right lung and told that he did not have more than 1 to 3
months to live.

He was given chemo and couldn't stand it. He was put on hospice with
morphine patches in case the pain got too great. He was 73 and had just
about decided to go to the hospital and die.

At this point a rancher friend who had gotten a tape on Flaxseed Oil at a
Bible conference heard about his situation and gave it to him.

He told me he listened to the tape and fell in love with what he heard and
imediately began to use 6 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese a

He said it "kicked in" right away, though usually it does not work quite
that quickly.

He had an appointment with the Oncologist before long and the doctor took X
rays. The caller said he came out of the lab soon with a puzzled look on
his face and asked him what, if anything, he had been doing.
He told the doctor he had been using flaxseed oil.

The doctor said that the tumor he had in his right lung had not changed,
the tumor in his left lung, about which he had not told him, had completely
disappeared without a trace.

He gave the doctor a tape and told me that the doctor and nurses were
tapes and distributing them.

The caller said he was feeling good, continuing on the flaxseed oil and
getting along well and seemed quite excited; as I was to hear it.

We are praising The Lord for His provision.



About three years ago I was in my doctor's waiting room when a couple came
in. I spoke to them briefly.

That night the lady called and told me that her husband was a retired
college professor, 73, who had an 85% involvement with cancer in his left

The decision had been made to remove the lung at the Thompson Cancer center
in Knoxville, Tn.

When the attempt was made it was determined that the cancer had spread
further and they simply closed up and decided to use radiation and chemo.

The radiation had been done with no apparent results and he and his wife
decided that rather than go through the misery of chemo they would just
live>as long as possible and forget it.

Thje Oncologist did not argue with that. She suggested that they come to
Rutledge and get flax oil and get started with four to eight tablespoons a
day with cottage cheese.

They decided on 6 and got two quarts and then got their own after that.

Three months later I was in again and asked if she had seen him again. She
>had seen him the previous week. The cancer was still there but he was
holding his own.

I remembered him about a year and a half later and she said that he had
died, but that he did not die of cancer. He was not a very active person
and died of a blood clot that moved to his heart.


A lady about 73 lived two houses down from us. She was a frail person and
The doctors found a tumor about the size of a quarter on the lower part of
her right lung and immediately urged an operation to remove half of the

She was afraid she could not stand the operation and her grandson who knew
us well urged her to go on Flax Oil. I talked to her as well.
She did but did not use it as she should have. Nevertheless there was no
further growth of the tumor and I thought all was well.

About two years later I heard that she had died. Her grandson told me that
on later checkups there was no growth of the cancer but the doctor kept
urging an operation. The daughter that lived one door down did not want
to do it but she had five other children and they persuaded her to go along
wit h the doctor's advice.

She did not make it off the operating table. The grandson did not feel
kindly toward his aunts and uncles but rationalized that it was his Mamaw's
time to go.


About 6 years ago a friend of ours had a cousin who was a veteran of WW II.
He had very serious lung cancer and it had spread to his upper arm.

He got started with Flax Oil and it was not many months before we heard he
was cancer free in a check up at the VA hospital. He called me and talked
about it and was a happy man.

About two years later I heard that he had passed away. Some folks have the
idea that flax oil is like an antibiotic. He got well so he saw no further
use for the oil. That is a mistake. One should have at least a
dose of oil each day to keep healthy.

He didn't and the cancer redeveloped. He decided that since it hadn't
him he wouldn't bother with it again.


The brother in law of Betsy, a member of a local church was 47 years old
and incapacitated with lung cancer. This was around 7 years ago as I

He had been given up and was doing no standard treatment. He began using 4
tablespoons of Flaxseed Oil a day with cottage cheese
and in time [I do not know exactly how long but it was not many months]
only souvenier left was a little scar tissue and he was back at work. I
never knew his name but did not about him. Betsy is the best friend of a
good friend of ours.


I visited the church occaisionally as the main musician was a fellow
teacher and good friend. Kim was also the pastor's niece.

The pastor's wife had colon cancer and had part of the colon removed and
had been put on heavy chemo. Kim wanted her to switch to flax oil but a
daughter was a student nurse, and told her "Momma, do what the doctor tells

In a while the lady had virtually no immune system left and the doctor
advised her to stay away from people lest she catch a cold and die and took
her off the chemo to see if her body could rebuild.

Now she began using Flax Oil. In a short time the white count was going up
and she was able to be out in public again. She had an appointment with
the doctor and told him what she was doing.

He told her that had not done her any good. It was the chemo that was
helping her. She was put back on chemo and in about three months she went
into a coma and died. The chemo had destroyed her heart and liver.

One Sunday night the pastor, John, asked me for a tape. I didn't know he
had not had one. A few weeks later I visited again and was talking with
John after the service. He told me that he hoped I was wrong but that he
believed I was right. He said, "They killed my wife".

Then I asked him if he had heard about Betsy's brother in law. He said, "I
hear he's pretty bad." I said, "He's well."

Betsy was still there and John asked her how her brother in law was doing.
She said, "He's well".

John looked at me, and with all the feeling he could put in it, he said,
"There's going to be doctors in HELL because of things like this!!"


Last June a friend of ours from beekeeping stopped by. She is a heavy
woman, probably over 250 lbs. She had been diagnosed with a rapidly
cancer in her lung.

The doctor was really after her to get it cut out as soon as possible. She
was resisting because she did not think she could stand the operation.

She began using 8 tablespoons of flax oil a day [which would be too much I
believe if it were kept up] and in a checkup 8 weeks later there had been
no further growth.

The doctor still urged her to get an operation. A subsequent X ray showed
no growth but was a little fuzzy as to any reduction. She had an MRI Oct.
19 and a consultation Oct 25 but I haven't heard any results.

In January 2002 I learned that in early November of 2001 she had had a hip
bone "explode" and had been hospitalized for quite a while, I think in late
January before she was released. She did not have an opportunity to use the
FO/CC during that time.

She told me that the mass was still there but seemed to have changed its
character. The doctor at that time did not believe it was malignant any
longer but didn't want to go in and take anything for a biopsy as she was
afraid she might bleed to death.

Today, June 30, 2002 I recieved word that she had passed away. I had not
known any further details.

September 11, 2002 I received further word. The cancer had come back. She
had gone back to the FO/CC. At the time of her death the cancer had been
eliminated except for two small spots in a lung and one in her liver.

She passed away as the result of ill health connected with Sugar Diabetes.
A friend emphasized that it was not the cancer.



Hi Judy,

Here I am going to speak strictly from the Flaxseed oil viewpoint. So far,
I have not seen one case of Leukemia, of any kind, that has not responded to
the proper use of FO/CC. I am not saying there won't be. I am saying that
so far I haven't seen it.

I see no particular value in UDO's oil for most of us. It has the proper
ratio of Omega 3 t Omega 6. That is not our problem. Our problem is that
we already have too much Omega 6 in our normal diets and we need to balance
the excess Omega 6 with a source of oil strong in Omega 3 which the Flax Oil

It has been pointed out that a diet that is strictly vegan may not be high
in Omega 6. In that case, Udo's oil would be indicated.


Mr. White and his wife came to visit us one day. At the time of his coming
he was in a wheel chair the majority of the time and was given 2 weeks to
live. The funeral had been planned.


>From Eursal White

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in June, 1997. I was
told that CLL is the slowest acting form of leukemia, but, unlike other
forms, it would never go into remission. I was also told to wait as long
as possible before starting chemotherapy simply because the more you take
the more you have to take and the chemo often kills you before the leukemia

Unfortunately, I had to take my first chemotherapy treatment in November of
?97. I did really well for one year and then had to repeat it. The second
treatment in November, ?98 went against me. My body quit making blood. I
had blood transfusions about every two weeks until February when my own
blood developed anti-bodies that couldn't be matched. A bone marrow biopsy
that same month confirmed large tumors in the bone marrow showing very
little red blood. I was given a total of four units of unmatched blood on
February 19 & 20 and then started another regimen of a different chemo drug.
My doctor suggested 4-6 treatments of the new drug to be taken 3 weeks

During this time I had to get some work done on my car and the mechanic who
serviced it told me about flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. He put me in
touch with Cliff Beckwith who discussed in great detail the benefits of the
combination of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Mr. Beckwith then sent me
one of his tapes which was very interesting and informative.

My wife searched the Internet for information on Dr. Budwig and her winning
combination. After evaluating all the information we had gathered, we made
the decision to try the flaxseed oil. I added this to my diet following my
second chemo treatment. When I went for my third chemo treatment, my blood
work was looking better. When I went back for my fourth chemo treatment,
the blood work was really looking great. The doctor suggested at that point
we discontinue chemo for a while to which I heartily agreed.

I continue to take the flaxseed oil\cottage cheese daily. After nine
months, my white blood count remains under 20,000 and I feel great. I
praise God for sending Mr. Beckwith into my life and making me aware of Dr.
Johanna Budwig's research. I tell everyone what this combination has done
for me and recommend it to everyone I meet, especially to cancer victims.

Mr. White stayed with the doctor and chemo was continued though I believe at
reduced amounts.

The time came that the chemo finally overcame him and he died. As I
remember he gained about 4 years of quality time. We will never know for
sure what the effect would have been had he quit the chemo completely when
he began to recover with the flaxseed oil.

With the chemo alone he would have been gone within two weeks of his visit.
We have to judge for ourselves what good it was doing from this point and
what effect the destruction of the immune system from the chemo had.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 5:38 PM
Subject: [FlaxSeedOil2] Leukemia

> I am a 62 year old woman who the doctors just told me 4 months ago
> that I have CLL (Chronic Leukemia). It is in stage 0. I am on high
> blood pressure medicine and am overwhelmed at the amount of
> supplements etc that everyone tells me to take. I feel like I am
> being pulled apart at both ends. Not only that my finances are
> limited so I can't afford a lot. I take flaxseed oil with cottage
> cheese although not everyday but now someone told me of UDO'S CHOICE
> perfected Oil Blend that is supposed to be better. What is your take
> on this? And what else should I be doing? I do need some kind of
> direction. My cholestrol is starting to creep up as well and I don't
> want to get on that kind of medicine. And I am an anemic Thank you
> Judy



A series of messages on improving vision with drops of flaxseed oil.
The messages below are from Jeanne [jen] Shuford

I can answer this one, a bunch of us tried it in 2001, me included, i now
have 20 20 vision, and my eyes are doing great. got rid of my cataracts
among other things. jen

felt improvement every time i used it, but it took about three weeks, till i
felt that i really did not need it any more, but i never stopped. to my
surprise things just keep getting better. i never get tired eyes, or red
eyes, and my vision is astounding even to me. jen

8/11 Yes peter i had floaters in my eyes and was almost blind, i could not
see to read even with my glasses any more and could not drive a car any
more. It was so nice to renew my license this year and not be wearing
glasses of any kind. I was scheduled to have cataract surgery a month
from when i started the flax oil and when my dr. checked my eyes prior
to surgery, he cancelled the surgery, said he must have been mistaken,
because my cataracts were much less than what he had thought they were,
and i know he was puzzled.

8/13 I take a small vial that I have and put fresh cold flax oil without
lignans in it just enough to last the day. from my refrigerated flax oil.
Then i let it come to room temperature, Three times during the day I put
2 drops in each eye and lay down for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. Then
at bed time I do the same thing only of course my eyes stay closed for
the night. I forgot to add in my other posts, that my husband is 79 and
he never did get cataracts or have problems with his eyes, we both started
the protocol at the same time. I was the one with problems and he never
did have a problem. I thank the flax oil for that. He has 20/20 vision
also, though he did used to wear reading glasses and he no longer needs
them. hasn't for years. If there is anything else I can help with let me
know, jen

8/14 Regarding eyes getting blurry:
From: mkathryn59 - This is normal. It is the oil that makes that blur. You
can wash the eyes with warm soapy water being careful not to get it in the
eye. The blur is the oil on the lashes and eyelids. This is what I have to
do also.

8/16 From Jeanne...remember that you must never stop, even if you
eventually drop to once a day, you must never stop using the flax oil, it
is both a healer and a preventative.

gall bladder

Cliff Beckwith was a very honest and kind man who shared many messages with the members of this group. He was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 1991 at age 69 and given six months to live. Using FOCC, he lived 16 more years to age 85 in 2007. He started this group and was dedicated to helping others with cancer. He was well-known in his church and other groups and used to buy extra flaxseed oil and sell it at cost to those who needed it, so they could quickly start the diet or stay on track if they needed more FO and were running out.

Cliff posted the message below about a visitor who came to buy FO from him.

"I just had a visitor that made my day. He came to get a couple bottles of Flaxseed Oil for his mother in law. He told me that nine months ago she had cancer in her gallbladder and faced surgery in part of her liver and other places. She refused. She is closing in on 80.

"She happens to go to an Oncologist who is knowledgeable about Flaxseed Oil and this doctor suggested she use it and that has been her only treatment.

"She has just had a catscan and other tests and there is no sign of cancer. I hope I can get more details."
Here's the link to Cliff's message:



From Kimball Louis March 3, 2007

[Moderator's note: Kimball was healed of advanced esophageal cancer
after seven weeks of following the Budwig Protocol "to the letter."]

Another Budwig Miracle?

I have a story I am excited to share. I have esophageal cancer, one
of the more deadly cancers you can get. The American Cancer Society
says that in 2006, 14,550 Americans will be diagnosed with Esophageal
Cancer and 13,770 deaths will result from the disease. Not very
encouraging statistics. I was first diagnosed in late 2002 and had
my entire esophagus removed in 2003. Follow up tests showed my
cancer had reoccurred in May of last year. I was told that no matter
what I did I likely would have only 2, possibly 3 years to live at
best. In September I traveled from my home in Salem, Oregon to
Houston, Texas to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for treatment. I
did 6 weeks of chemo and radiation ending on November 3rd of 2006.
My follow up scan and biopsy just a few days before Christmas showed
that the cancer was still there and I was told that none of my
options left were good ones. They had a surgeon look at my scans and
he said there was still too much cancer there so surgery was not an
option. I was going to die. I was offered more chemo but I was told
it would not cure me so I declined. As a 40 year-old single father
with a 13 year-old daughter, I was depressed. Determined to prove
the doctors who had given up on me wrong, I started studying
alternative cancer treatments. I spent hundreds of hours reading
books, internet, anything I could get my hands on. I found the
Budwig diet and believing that the science behind it made sense, I
jumped in with both feet the beginning of January 2007. I followed
the diet to the letter and used the knowledge I learned from this
group but I was a terminal cancer patient and I was unsure if the
diet would help me.

Tuesday of this week I had a PT scan here in Salem, Oregon so my new,
local oncologist could have an idea of where we stood. I met with
him yesterday (Friday) to get the results. Fearful that the biopsy
in December may have spread the cancer, I was extremely nervous! The
doctor walked into the room and tossed my file on the table in front
of me and with a grin on his face said to me, "The scan shows
absolutely no sign of cancer." I said, "You must be kidding me!" He
said he couldn't explain it but the cancer that was there in December
was not showing up on the scan they did this Tuesday. He said
something could still be there but the fact that it was not showing
up was good news. I asked him what he thought happened and he said
it didn't make sense and logically he couldn't explain it. He knew I
was doing something "alternative" but has never shown an interest in
it. He did say that whatever I was doing, keep doing it. He said he
would do another scan in 6 months but I should be encouraged. He may
not be able to explain it but I am convinced that following the
Budwig protocol to the letter as well as prayer and a good attitude
had everything to do with this clean scan. I must admit, I am a
little surprised that this happened after just 7 weeks on the Budwig
plan. Considering how bad the December scan looked and how negative
the doctors were, I would have thought it would have taken much
longer. Why doesn't this doctor want to know everything he could
learn about my "alternative" method of dealing with my cancer? Who

This is no time to let my guard down! I will continue to do what I
have learned from this group and I expect my scans to continue to be
clean. The doctors can continue to shake their heads but I know what
is responsible. Thanks to everyone in this group that has offered
advice. You may have helped save my life! Those of you that are
still somewhat skeptical about this diet, I am proof that it can work
on even the most discouraging situations. I spent Christmas trying
to plan the last year or two of my life and now it appears I may have
much longer than I or any of the "expert" doctors thought I would.
Go figure! NEVER GIVE UP!

Kimball Louis
Salem, Oregon



July 21, 2008 Kerry Hurst wrote:

I am a type II diabetic with prostate cancer stage III--and they
think it really is stage IV. PSA in the 20's and I had a biopsy
showing complete engulfment of the prostate gland with cancer bulging
out on the sides. My uroligist wonders why I have such a "thick
skull" that he can't get me to do radiation even though he himself
told me if the cancer has spread "we can't help you." That's why I am
on the BP.

At one point I was taking 9 "medications" for diabetes, blood
pressure, cholesterol and whatever. They were literally killing me. I
stopped all of them to the horror of my endochinologist over a year
ago. I gradually weened myself off insulin--I had been taking 200
units per day. I was very insulin resistent.

Two weeks ago that same diabetes doctor looked at me in wonderment as
he looked at my completely normal blood sugars, pressure, and
cholosterol. I have been on the Budwig Protocol 3 months.
The Budwig will greatly help your diabetes. I am living proof of it.



From Dr. Budwig's book "Der Tod des Tumors, Band II" (The Death of the Tumor, Vol. II),
page 193-194 transcribing an interview broadcast by the Süddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart
(South German Radio Station) on 11 Sep 1967

It is amazing how quickly the tumor, for instance with colon cancer, is being eliminated.
Even with an old patient of 84 years who was scheduled for an operation because of his
colon threatening to become blocked, I was able to achieve the complete elimination of
the tumor and the patient’s restoration to health within a few days. These are not isolated
cases, in fact 99% of the sick that come to see me to use the biological method of cancer
therapy, are cancer patients who have had operations and radiation sessions, or who were
diagnosed as being too far advanced for an operation to be of any help. Even in these
cases health can be restored, usually within a few months, I would say in 90% of cases."

This is also shown under Liver Cancer.

What follows is a case of colon cancer from the book "Der Tod des
Tumors - Band II" (The Death of the Tumor - Vol. II) by Dr.Budwig.

The text is shortened and parts of it are paraphrased.

Page 111 -
This is a case of colon cancer, tumors on the liver and stomach as well
as a myoma in the abdominal cavity. The colon cancer had already been
present three years earlier.
Dr.Budwig writes:
"She came to the clinic in Göttingen. This Swiss patient was examined by
several professors and and was scheduled to be operated on Christmas
Eve. It was feared that the tumor would cause a complete colon blockage.
Upon my advice - I was active at the clinic at that time - did the
patient only take my Oil-Protein Diet. The atony of the colon quickly
subsided. Seven weeks later she was released without any detectable tumor.
Interesting is perhaps that the Swiss customs official did not want to
belief this was her passport! So much had her looks changed to her
At home she was greeted thusly: "You look good, you look younger and
more beautiful."
The patient writes further: "It is simply wonderful! And the instrument
of saving my life is Dr.Johanna Budwig."


On March 20, 2009, Vijai wrote:

Hello Everyone,

My wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in August 08. She had
completed 5 out of her six sessions of Chemo (TAC) when I found out about the
Budwig Protocol. She completed all six chemo sessions (Dec 31st 08) and then we
started on the Budwig Protocol (Jan 09).

Please note:- *After the chemo, she still had a very large tumor in her right
breast and another small tumor in her left breast.
Also, from her last chemo session (Dec 31 08) to the date of her surgery
(Tuesday 17th March 09), she was NOT on any medication or drug etc at all...
*the ONLY thing she was on was the Bugwig Protocol.*

The Oncologists and Surgeons ALL told her that with the size of tumor her
situation is critical - life threatening that she needs to do surgery
immediately to remove the tumors.

My wife had decided to have the surgery (after initially cancelling) -
convinced by her Surgeon that the tumors must be removed.
She was on the BP for exactly 2 1/2 months prior to surgery - which was on
Tuesday 17th March 09.

*The pathological report (Wed 18th March 09) on the tissues removed from surgery

1. No tumors
2. No cancer cells*

*She was on the BP for exactly 2 1/2 months.* She is cancer free and will be
continuing on the BP after she heals up from the surgery in about a week's time.
Today I can give testimony that the BP worked as the tumors disappeared and
there's no cancer cells in the tissues examined.

*The Surgeon and Pathologist are baffled as to what the tissue samples are
saying...they cant explain how is it that there's No Tumor where there was a
very large one and moreso...NO Cancer cells.
Pls feel free to contact me either by personal email or thru the group if you
need to contact me. I am most willing to share our personal experiences with the
Budwig Protocol.
As with any testimony, many people (especially Doctors) say that anyone can put
things on the Internet but I am willin to talk to anyone as proof of the
BP being responsible for my wife's cancer free status today.

*WE are truly grateful today that my wife is Cancer Free - thanks to the Budwig
Protocol and also to our prayers.
As much as I believed in the BP...I've always believed 100% that the BP was
working...but even I never expected such results...NO TUMORS...No Cancer such a short time...I am still amazed but thankfully so.

I can go on and I am so excited...but I really just wanted to share and
to let you know of our success using the Budwig Protocol.

God Bless

March 16, 2009 - estrogen-driven aggressive breast cancer - Yasmeen wrote:

"I've been following the BP for about 5 months now....I have been 'naughty' at
times, and eaten the wrong things...I went for my 3 monthly scan, Once the scan
was done, the radiologist looked puzzled as she asked me to confirm I'd had no
chemo since my last scan. I told her I hadn't....I was told that I still had a
cyst in my breast, which was no different to last time, but that my lymph nodes
which are affected had shrunk by a few mm's! I was so taken aback. The doctor
said, "Well, what can I say? Just carry on doing what your doing, because it
seems to be working for you!"

Oct. 30, 2009 - Breast Cancer - Catherine wrote:

"I did Budwig...juicing carrots 1 - 2 times a day and taking about 20 apricot
kernel seeds (no more than 5 at a time) throughout the day. That was for the BC
in my RIGHT breast and it was gone in 3-4 months."


"GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) is considered the most aggressive type of
brain cancer."

FlaxSeedOil2 message #30088

Date: Tue Jun 21, 2005 4:00 pm
Subject: GBM results

Hi Cliff, Wilhelm and list,

Some of you may have been aware of the fact that I have been treating cancer
patients where I live which is Israel.
I would like to share with you two very encouraging accounts of patients of
mine with GBM.
GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) is considered the most aggressive type of
brain cancer.

The first patient,

who is is in mid 60s was diagnosed 6 months ago. He and his family decided
to use integrative treatments ie both conventional and alternative.
His daughter came to me several days before he started a difficult 30
protocol which combined temodal and radiation (on the same days).
I advised on an anti-cancer diet which included FO/CC/FS (4 tbs oil a day)
as well as some specific suplements.
When he began the session he was in a wheel chair and experienced cognitive
He hardly suffered any side effects from his conventional protocol. His has
condition improved by the day.
An MRI taken shortly afterwards showed no tumor, and only something small
which the doctors believed wad a necrotic scar.
His current treatment include a one week on and two weeks off on temodal as
well as the alternative protocol which I slightly adjusted.
He of course continues religiously with the FO/CC/FS.
His motor skills are almost back to normal. He has recently started
reading books, writing, and is just about to start driving his wife's car
(his car was sold before treatment started as the family did not imagine he
will ever use it again).
A second MRI which was taken 5 days ago showed no change from the previous
I have no doubts whatsoever that the use of Budwig's FO/CC/FS has had more
than an instrumental part in his recovery.

The second patient:

On a thursday night five weeks ago, I recieved an urgent phone call from a
guy who wanted to see me urgently.
I met with him the next day (friday morning).
He told me that his father (54 years of age) was diagnosed 3 weeks earlier
with GBM. "Three days ago", he continued, "my Dad's condition suddenly
deteriorated and we rushed him to the hospital. currently he is in a
hospital bed, and can not move half his body". "He has bad edema in his
brain, can hardly eat, and is unable to talk". "The doctors are extremly
pessimistic. They say that all they can do is to try and reduce the edema
using some radiation and decadron" (later, I found out his doctor made an
error with the prescription. He only gave him half the amount od decadron he
was suppose to get. Boy was I happy I gave him 2.4 grams of Boswellia to
"The doctors", the son said, "don't think he will ever make it out of
this grave condition which he is in, and say his days are numbered".
He asked me if I think anything can be done, and if there is any hope at
all, to which I replied that all we can do is but try.
I adviced him to immidiatly give his Dad FO/CC/FS and some supplements, and
since his father could hardly take in any food I asked him to make sure that
after thoroughly mixing the oil and cottage chees in the blender to also
blend in the fruit and the ground seeds. The idea was to make this for him
as a shake, which he can then drink with a straw.
I have not heard from the son for two and half weeks, and decided I
would give him a call and find out how his father is doing. He did not
answer my call, so I left a message on his voice mail, asking him to please
call me back and update me on his father's condition. Since he did not call
back I decided to try him again the following day. To be quite frank, I was
worried that perhaps the worse had happened. Again he did not answer my call
and I left a message.
The following day he finally called me back. "How is your father doing" I
asked. "Dad is fine thank God" he replied. "He has been out of the hospital
since about five days ago". We immidiatly started him on the Budwig
protocol. It seems to have worked right away. His appetite grew stronger by
the day untill eventually after 8 days or so he was taking 4 tbs of oil. He
is walking (although still draging one of his legs a bit), started talking
and all in all is feeling much stronger.
The doctors are so amazed at what they have seen that they are filling their
mouths with water, sort of speech, and are feeling a bit embarrassed.
Two days ago when I called again, I was told that his condition has
been improving by the day, including his motor skills and speech.
The family is ecstatic and filled with joy to have him back.
In this case as well, despite the fact that there was also use of
supplements as well as radiation treatment, I am absolutly sure that the
thing which is most responsible for the dramatic turn of events has been the
Budwig protocol. It kicked in right away and did a wonderful job.

Thank you Johanna Budwig!!!



John who has cancer wrote this as part of a message seeking help:

I am seeking real people who have had documented cancer and who has had real success with an alternative
protocol. People I can call on the phone not a fake e-mail.

Jim Atkins' response:

Message 15237 of 15257
From: "Jim Atkins"
Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 8:40 pm
Subject: Re: [FlaxSeedOil2] Re: [cancercured] Bone Cancer

Dear John, Hi, my name is Jim Atkins, i live in Darwin, Australia. Your E.Mail really touched me John,
i really feel for you and i also relate to your feelings of frustration, anger and fear.
I was diognosed with the final stages of non hodgkins lymphoma when i was 17 yrs old and was given 6 mnths
to live. I was given 4 courses of chemo which nearly killed me so i went home [to die] for some reason im
still here, the doctors were as amazed as me and my family. 25 yrs and 5 reoccurrances later i was so
fed up that sometimes i wished that i had died back then. Like you i searched and searched for an alternative
to chemo and radiation but only found the greedy and the cons, untill i stumbled onto this site and did
lots of research and talked to other real cancer sufferers and sirvivers. I got myself a book by Dr Budwig
and researched every thing i could find about her then realised i had found something special and
SIMPLE, not only that, it was FREE. I have had great success with this diet and protocol and cannot
recomend it enough, i could hardly walk due to the tumors in my left leg, now i can walk without the aid
of a cane or crutch, can drive my car and kick a ball around with my son,something i never
thought i would do again as the doctors told me i would loose my leg without chemo and radiation.
Please give the Budwig diet a go, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain John! I am available
to talk to anytime, i am a real person and cancer sufferer and sirvivor, my phone number is [code for
Australia] then 08,89272138, or my personal E.Mail is Please contact me anytime
at all if you need to,[i mean it] anytime, kind regards J.Atkins.


Aug 5, 2007 - Sid - Asthma

Sid wrote: I have been symptom-free for more than a month now while on
modified BP = 3 FO + 6 CC daily; no meat, no sugar; lots of veggies
and fruits. To date, I have not touched my Ventolin nebulizer nor inhaler.
Not a single attack in two months (unheard of in my case). I've also quit
Prednisone (steroid) and Claritin, which I used to take daily because
effect lasts only 24 hours (like most anti-histamine). Definitely no
more need for Budecort either :) What a relief.

"Arthritis, Prostate Cancer, Hypertension"

From: sunfish117
Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 7:20 PM
Subject: [FlaxSeedOil2] Re: Comments on Dr. Myers' comments

This is all very interesting however I have to add something. I was
diagnosed last october (2003) with advanced pc the most aggresive type
with lymph node involvement. I started soon afterward on focc and have
maintained it with some tailoring on my own. By this I mean the
addition of turmeric and ginger to the mix. when all this started I
was having severe arthritic pain in my arms and shoulders. If I got my
arm up behind my head at night I could not get it down without
reaching up with my other arm and pulling it down. Any kind of
physical labor caused my whole body to ache. If I had to reach across
the car and unlock the door for my wife my arm in the bicep area would
hurt so bad I would get tears in my eyes. Soon after starting focc I
was splitting wood and after about 2 hours it dawned on me that I was
not hurting. I thought it would start when I went into the house. It
never did start and I am totally free of the pain. I also have had a
dramatic improvement in my hypertension. That is my experience with
focc. My psa is down from 358 to 4.7 some of that is due to hormone
therapy. I feel good! I have more energy. I have no idea what is going
on with the cancer. My bladder is now emptying and prostate has shrunk
to normal. I will continue as long as i can with focc if for no other
reason for the reasons I have mentioned.


From: "flo_webber"
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 1:45 am
Subject: Dr. Johanna Budwig & Arthritis

"Arthritis (Anklosing Spondilitis)"

Hello Everyone:

I thought it was time for some good news. My son Warren has
arthritis and has been on medication for it for about four years. If
he doesn't take the medication he gets so sore he can't even do
everyday things. (can't even cut his own meat) When Scott first
started on the flaxseed oil, Warren read Dr. Budwigs books. Long
story short, he started on the flaxseed oil everyday, to see if it
would help his arthritis. That was about six or so months ago. After
being on the oil for about two weeks he started to have less pain
and as the time went on he just got better, and better. Although he
still had to take his medication. He just told me today that he
stopped taking his medication over a month ago, and is feeling just
fine. Looks great, and has lots of energy, and is now able to keep a
full time job, which he could never do before, due to the pain.
I still don't know why the diet didn't save Scott. However I guess
that out of something bad, comes something good. Warren would never
of known about Dr. Budwig if it weren't for Scott. Even Warren's
doctor is amazed and is now interested in the flaxseed oil.
Just thought I would share.


"Basil Cell Carcinoma"

Also listed under 'Skin Cancer'

Date: Fri Dec 19, 2003 9:31 pm
Subject: flaxseed oil and skin cancer

Hi friends, I just want to report on a successful end to a basal
cell carcinoma which had developed on my right hand. I showed
it to a dermatologist who agreed with me that it was such. He
scraped a sample and sent it to the pathology lab for analysis.
His advice was to wait for the lab report before doing his next
procedure. What I did was to make a poltice of ground
flaxseeds and put it on the growth three times a day. I also
rubbed flaxseed oil into my hands daily. Slowly and gradually the
growth diminished in size so that by the time the path lab report
was received, the growth had disappeared. The dermatologist
was delighted with me that the carcinoma had dissolved under
the flaxseed treatment. Merry Christmas everyone. Charles

Great Health & Happiness! (Another Group Hug would be Nice!)

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. By all means please
do put the story of my son, and the arthritis, on the testimonials. I don't
know if you have heard of this kind of arthritis it is called Anklosing Spondilitis
and usually starts in young people like 25-40 years. Warren has had it for
about 10 years. This is the first time that he has ever had relief, except for a
short period when the doctor put him on cortisone.Which was because the
pain was so bad he couldn't stand it. Warren is still doing well without his
medication. He is very happy with the flaxseed oil, and cottage cheese. ----

Bladder Cancer

From: "W. Hansen"
Date: Fri Aug 5, 2005 4:59 pm
Subject: Bladder Cancer wilhelmh2

Hi Group,
This testimonial was sent to me privately today by George XXX.
He asked me to remove his email address to that he will not get
any emails. For that reason I also removed his last name.

Thank you George for sharing this wonderful news with us.
It is nice to see how your determination to get well paid off.
I am sure it will give encouragement to many others.


Hello Wilhelm:

My name is George XXX, age 71, and I live in Massachusetts, USA
and I have a testimonial I want to give to you and to the members of
the Flaxseed Oil 2 Group.

In Jan. of 2004, I came down with Bladder Cancer. With frequent blood
in the urine, I knew something was definitely not right with my body.
I was examined in late Jan. and the Urologist found a tumor at the
base of the bladder near the urethra. Subsequently in late Feb., I
had the tumor removed by cystoscopy. It was called a papillary
transitional cell carcinoma grade 3/3 invasive into subepethelial
connective tissue. At that time I heard about the AMAS blood test for
detecting any evidence of all types of cancer in the body. So I
decided to use this as a marker to keep track of any recurrence of
Cancer. Well to my surprise, everytime I took the test (each month)
the test results were all over the map..some good reports...some bad.
I realized then it was not a reliable test to monitor Cancer.

Around late May (2004) I heard of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and his enzyme
therapy and at this time I started to have more blood occasionally in
my urine. Dr. Gonzalez' office is in NYC and I went to see him to start
on his protocol. With 187 different types of pills to take each day,
it was quite confusing at times. The main protocol was the Pancreatic
Pork Enzyme and of course a strict Vegetarian Organic diet and his detox
program. I did this until November of 2004. During this time while I was
on this program, I was still bleeding and it was quite frequent toward
the end of November with lots of blood clots. I called Dr. Gonzalez and
told him I was terminating the program because it was not working for me.
I'm sure it would have worked for other people, but not for me. He
apologized and was sorry, and we parted.

I decided that it was time for a Rectal MRI to see what was going on
with my bladder. Well, the results were that I had a tumor the size of
a plum near the urethra. Well, I was scared at this point. I didn't
want Chemotherapy or the Bladder removed and the doctors I went to all
said the same thing...Chemo then Bladder removal.

In desperation I had a book on Cancer by Burton Goldberg and I sat down
one day and Prayed with the book on my lap and I Prayed to God to guide
my hand to the right page to help me regain my health and remove this
Cancer. Well, to my surprise, when I opened the book and looked at the
page, the title I saw as FLAXSEED OIL. I've heard of flaxseed oil before
but never put much emphasis on it. From then on I searched the internet
for all the information I could get on Flaxseed Oil. I've talked with
Cliff Beckwith, the Barleans people and I've also been on your website
since, I believe, Feb. 2005. Anyway, I started taking the F/O & CC
around mid-December 2004. (4 TBS F/O to 1/2 cup CC). I continued to
follow an Organic Vegetarian Diet and juicing Carrots, Celery and Apples.
I installed a reverse osmosis water system. I drank lots of Green Tea,
ate White fish occasionally (once every 3 weeks) and lots of Prayers
from relatives, friends and church groups.

At this time I was doing guided imagery and lots of affirmations such
as saying LIFE IN MY BLADDER, because I felt at that time when I opened
the Cancer reference book that the only way to beat this affliction
was to do it in a Holistic way...BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. and believing
with all your heart and soul that this will work.

The one sad part of this testimonial was with the mounting pressure
from relatives to do the conventional method, which I buckled under to
do the Chemo from mid-Jan.2005 to early April 2005. It was terrible,
but I continued with the F/O & CC, but now with 8 to 10 TBS of F/O to
1/2 cup of CC and I included a drink of organic apple juice with
freshly ground flaxseeds mixed in. Between those months (jan-april)
I had a Ct Scan that showed the tumor had shrunk by 2/3 size. I was
overjoyed at this news knowing the F/O & CC was working its magic. I
stopped taking the Chem around the 2nd week of April, much to the
doctor's dismay.

In May I had an MRI and the results showed no tumor but indicated
a nonenhancing plaque-like area in the previously described area of
the bladder tumor. These changes could be due to benign prostatic
hypertrophy, but residual tumor cannot be excluded. Another CT scan
in June (the last CT scan I'll take) showed that part of the plaque
had disappeared. My next MRI will take place mid-Dec.2005.

I've had no incidence since late Feb. and I feel great. I feel
confident that with constant Prayers, guided imagery and the Budwig
Protocol, I will do just great. God Bless Johanna Budwig... she is
an inspiration to all of us here.

PLEASE NOTE WILHELM, that I am writing to you personally because I
have great difficulty with typing and I could not possibly answer to
all who want more answers. If you feel you want to put this letter
out on the website, feel free to do just that, but DO NOT INCLUDE MY

PS. Via e-mail I contacted Dr. Anton Kummer in Austria. I did purchase
some of the cytochrome paper from him for detecting the presence of
cancer. I made some tests for myself and it showed it to be pre-
cancerous. Whatever that means. Anyway, Wilhelmh, you've done a
remarkable job with the Flaxseed Oil 2 Group Website. I commend you
for that. It is helping hundreds of People like me to understand more
of Dr. Johanna Budwig and her work.

George XXX

8 to 10 TBS F/O to 1/2 cup of Horizon 1% organic cottage cheese
15 frozen raspberries (or fresh in season)
a little organic apple juice to thin the mixture and 1 teaspoon of
honey and blend thoroughly.
400 mg. COQ10 1 per day
Wobenzyme N Enzyme 3 after each meal (9 per day)
IP6 6 in the evening
MGN3 5 in the evening (no longer taking this)
Beta Glucan 5 in the evening (no longer taking this)
Drink plenty of Good water and most of all BELIEVE, BELIEVE IN



June 29, 2004 - From Cheryl du Toit

I will tell you about my own mother. After my dad was diagnosed with
Non-Hodgkins lymphoma he started using the Budwig protocol and in sympathy,
my mom started doing the protocol with my dad.

She had bursitis in her hip and very stiff swollen finger joints. She has
been battling with arthritis for more than 15 years prior to starting the
Budwig protocol. In fact the pain in her hip was so severe that she could
not climb stairs. She is 68 and my dad is 71. After 3 months on the
protocol her hip has totally recovered and she now literally runs up and
down stairs. She also has full movement in all her fingers and totally and
completely stopped using all the pain killers. After some research I
discovered that certain foods should be avoided namely nightshade family
vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers. We included
MSM, ginger (fresh) and bromelain, either in capsule form or simply by
eating pineapple. Also, prior to the Budwig protocol she hardly ever sat in
the sun because of her very sensitive skin. Now, breakfast and sometimes
lunch is served outside on the patio, 'Al Fresco', and both my parents get
at least 20 minutes of sun every day.

The improvement is remarkable and my mom cannot stop talking about how
wonderful she feels. If you need more info or if you would like to write to
my mom you can contact me off the list and I'm sure she'll be more than
happy to tell you about her dramatic improvement herself.

Best wishes

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